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in Standard and Custom Sizes

Chaps Treads stays on the cutting edge – – without cutting corners.  All our stair treads are available in standard and custom width/depth options to fit your desired taste and needs.  We are able to customize your stair tread to match any criteria such as size, shape, width, depth, overhang and length!  Chaps Treads even can make matching custom stair landings, mats, and runners with or without the built-in TRUE Bullnose™ option.  Every set of treads are handmade right here in the United States with high quality U.S.-made carpet.   What is the TRUE Bullnose™ name all about?  Each stair tread is permanently attached to a rigid plastic bullnose piece so that when the tread is installed it will wrap nicely around your stair tread and stay there!

The TRUE Bullnose™ Stair Tread is for the discerning DIYer that wants a high-quality alternative to the old school/costly full stair runner, which required professional installation and permanent nail damage to your wood stairs.

If you are like those in our family run business, you would never undertake installing a runner on your stairs.  Too many corners to go around and nails to pound into the wood treads!  That used to mean paying someone a lot of money to come into your house and do it for you.  Yucky!  Not anymore.

Paint the backs of your stairs (if they need it) and use our TRUE Bullnose™ Stair Tread to cover the step.  It takes about 10 seconds per stair to install these!  You set the built-in rigid bullnose against the end of the stair, lower the tread into place and press it down.  That’s it!

You can center the treads on the stairs, or if you have a wall on one side, just install them flush up against it — either way looks great!