Q:  Why are your stair treads sold individually/per-step rather than in sets?

A:  We have found that the number of steps often varies from house to house.  So, we sell treads individually so that customers may order the same number of treads as they have steps.


Q:  Is this an easy to install DIY product?

A:  Yes! It takes about 10 seconds per step to install!


Q:  Do I have to clean my stairs first?

A:  Yes! Make sure your stairs are clean and dry before installing your TRUE Bullnose™ stair treads.


Q:  I have an older home, will the stair tread fit my stairs?

A:  The stock tread depth is made to fit the most common stair step which is 10″ deep, but we can make them deeper or shallower to fit your needs!  Just measure from the back wall of your stairs to the tip of the bullnose by looking straight down at the tape measure (no need to wrap it around, we know how much to add for that).


Q:  I have thick stair steps, will the stair tread fit my stairs?

A:  The normal thickness of a step is 1″.  If your steps are thicker or have a square shape rather than a traditional rounded bullnose, just let us know and we will incorporate a different bullnose to accommodate your steps.


Q:  Will these slide around on my stairs?

A:  No!  We use a non-skid material similar to that which holds a credit card to the paper when it arrives in the mail — stays put, but is easily removed!