Legends in 36 New Colors of 100% New Zealand Wool (Sold Each)

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Carpet Brand: J Mish

Carpet Type: Wool

Style:  Legends

Color: 36 to Pick From!


Wools of New Zealand™






We are expanding our wool collection of True Bullnose™ stair treads!

We make the treads in our standard sizes of 27″ wide, 31″ wide and 35″ wide and they fit the standard 10″ deep stair with a 1″ thick tread. But if you need a custom size, just let us know, we can do that, too!

The style is called Legends and it is made by J Mish with 100% New Zealand Wool. This style comes in the following colors:

  1. Imperial Ivory
  2. Cachet Cream
  3. Tranquility
  4. Classic Khaki
  5. Meadow Mist
  6. Gold Leaf
  7. Vanilla
  8. Chiffon
  9. Lemon Zest
  10. Mohave
  11. Topaz
  12. Vivid Gold
  13. Costa Mesa
  14. Villa Moss
  15. Bonsai Tint
  16. Fusion
  17. Olive
  18. Avocado
  19. Touch of Teal
  20. Aqua Ice
  21. Blue Mist
  22. Blushing
  23. Melon
  24. Sizzle
  25. Wispy Peach
  26. Peach Melody
  27. Apricot
  28. Sienna
  29. Henna
  30. Moroccan
  31. Universal Grey
  32. Cashmere
  33. Brownfield
  34. Chocolate
  35. Cocoa
  36. Cranberry Grape

IMPORTANT:  When you purchase this style of wool treads, be sure to include a message with your order or send a separate message through our site ( indicating which color you want us to make for you!

Here is how we do it:

We start with this awesome 100% New Zealand Wool carpet, cut it down to the correct tread size, seam the boarders and then permanently attach our True Bullnose™ rigid edge.

The standard size is made for a 10″ deep tread 27″ wide, but you can be upgraded to 31″ wide or 35″ wide — or we can make any custom size you may need! As shown in our Shop (and the last two pics, which are a different style), the True Bullnose™ stair tread is permanently attached to a rigid bullnose piece so that when installed it will stay nicely wrapped around your stair tread. Other manufacturers use combinations of tape or glue, and hope that your tread will stay wrapped around the end of your stair tread. Not these. True Bullnose™ treads have a pressure sensitive material that keeps the tread in place and a strong, rigid bullnose edge that keeps the wrap-around in place.  For the skeptics out there, we bring you the “Dangling Chap” – –

– – of course, just because Chap was foolish enough to hang from a True Bullnose™ tread to show that it will not lose its curl, Bullnose Treads™ are not to be use as lifting devices!!  Ever!

Go to for information on Wools of New Zealand or scroll down and keep reading:

The benefits of wool

Wool has some amazing features built in by nature…


Wool is asthma safe

Wool textiles act as a natural air filter, trapping allergens such as dust and pollen and keeping them out of the breathing zone


Wool is flame resistant

Wool does not burn until its gets to 700 degrees celcius, even then it self extinguishes once the source of the fire is removed.


Wool purifies the air

Wool absorbs indoor contaminants and purifies the air you breathe of harmful gases, locking them away for up to 30 years.


Wool absorbs unwanted noise

Wool textiles absorb noise and create warmth making your home or office the perfect place for relaxation, concentration and play.

About Wools of New Zealand

Wools of New Zealand is owned by the people who grow our wool, farming families who are committed to sustainable farming practices and caring for the land so that it may be passed to future generations.

Every farm is audited by AsureQuality, a New Zealand government owned Conformity Assessment Body, for:Land Management, Animal Welfare, Social Responsibility and Transparency.

We connect consumers with the people who grow superior wool, doing so ensuring excellence in all aspects of sustainability.

Wools of New Zealand works to understand the needs of our customers so that our growers can prepare the ideal wool fit for the intended value chain and deliver the optimum performance throughout it’s life. Through our supply database we are able to identify which of our growers can best deliver wool to meet the requirements of individual products. By connecting our growers with supply partners we are able to communicate future market requirements to ensure our growers adapt on-farm methods to deliver the ultimate wool.

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Additional information

Tread Width

27" Wide, 31" Wide, 35" Wide

Tread Depth - Measured from Back Wall to Bullnose Tip (Looking straight down, do not wrap around.)

Standard 10", 10.5" Deep, 9.5" Deep

Stair Thickness

Standard – Up to 1" Thick, Greater than 1" Thick

Stair Face

Traditional Rounded Bullnose Front, Flat-Nosed Front