Satin Cream Custom Wool TRUE Bullnose™ Carpet Stair Tread New Zealand Wool Emporium (Sold Each)

$74.99 $69.99

Carpet Brand: Masland

Carpet Type: Wool

Color: 6 to Pick From!



This carpet is made by Masland, who puts it best: “This stunning 100% New Zealand Wool carpet brings an exotic essence to the interior of your home, with a pattern of medallions intertwined within a delicate vine. Created in eight colors, Emporium will bring splendour of old-world elegance to any interior.”

These treads are sold individually because they are made to order!  We start with this awesome 100% New Zealand Wool, cut it down to the correct tread size, seam the boarders and then permanently attach our True Bullnose™ rigid edge. The standard size is made for a 10″ deep tread 27″ wide, but you can be upgraded to 31″ wide or 35″ wide — or we can make any custom size you may need! 

As shown, the TRUE bullnose™ stair tread is permanently attached to a rigid bullnose piece so that when installed it will stay nicely wrapped around your stair tread. Other manufacturers use combinations of tape or glue, and hope that your tread will stay wrapped around the end of your stair tread. Not these. True Bullnose™ treads have a pressure sensitive adhesive that keeps the tread in place and a strong, rigid bullnose edge that keeps the wrap-around in place.

For the skeptics out there, we bring you the “Dangling Chap” – –

– – of course, just because Chap was foolish enough to hang from a True Bullnose™ tread to show that it will not lose its curl, Bullnose Treads™ are not to be use as lifting devices!!  Ever!



Additional information

Tread Width

27" Wide, 31" Wide, 35" Wide

Tread Depth - Measured from Back Wall to Bullnose Tip (Looking straight down, do not wrap around.)

Standard 10", 10.5" Deep, 9.5" Deep

Stair Thickness

Standard – Up to 1" Thick, Greater than 1" Thick

Stair Face

Traditional Rounded Bullnose Front, Flat-Nosed Front