UPGRADE to Binding + Serging – A True Upgrade for True Bullnose Treads!

$19.99 $9.99


This listing is to upgrade any of our True Bullnose Treads to have serging (loops of yarn sewn and wrapped all the way around all edges) added over the top of the standard matching binding tape sewn around the edges.  It

In the industry, the cost to serge carpet can be anywhere from an additional $2.50 to $7.50 PER LINEAR FOOT (measured going around the outside of every piece). Because a single 31 inch wide tread has 7 feet of edging, normally it would run at least $17.50 more per step. When purchased as an added on upgrade to your true bullnose tread order, we discount it steeply!

Just add the same number of units of serging from this listing as you have True Bullnose treads and check out. We will take care of the rest!

(Note: If you have a carpet/rug you bought elsewhere and would like us to serge it, please send us a message.)

Additional information

Tread Depth - Measured from Back Wall to Bullnose Tip (Looking straight down, do not wrap around.)

Standard 10", 10.5" Deep, 9.5" Deep

Stair Face

Traditional Rounded Bullnose Front, Flat-Nosed Front

Stair Thickness

Standard – Up to 1" Thick, Greater than 1" Thick

Tread Width

27" Wide, 31" Wide, 35" Wide